Nearly three years ago when I co-founded CodeTank Labs, I had two modest goals: double our current revenue and work on amazing projects with clients who understand us and our nerdy ways.

To better understand what CodeTank Labs is about and how we have attained success, learning a little bit of our history is helpful. CodeTank Labs was co-founded by combining two mobile and AR/VR companies, ADM Software Consulting and Double-Apps. Dave Levi and I saw that we could accomplish more as a team than we ever could as separate entities. So, over the course of six months, we hashed out the details and decided to join forces. During this time, I set to writing down my goals for the future regarding my ideas of what expansion and success would look like for CodeTank Labs.

Now, after three years of working as one business organism, we have far exceeded our financial goals. We have also partnered with clients who are associated with large companies across the globe, to form strong, long-term working relationships. Creating these relationships, in and of themselves, has been an amazing journey, and one that I am particularly proud of.

As we begin the next chapter in CodeTank Labs story, we must say goodbye to our office off Western Avenue and hello to our new office in Cherokee Mills at the corner of Sutherland and Concord Avenue. As of December 1st, this will be our new home.

We are ecstatic for this move because it will allow all our employees, AR/VR labs, conference rooms, and co-working space for our developers to be housed under one roof. We are fortunate enough to outfit our office with amazing technology and equipment, along with the nerd and geek toys that you would expect to see in an office environment like our own!

We are proud of who we are as a company, the culture we have nurtured, and the long-term relationships we have cultivated. We welcome everyone to come to visit our new workspaces and spend time in our labs to sew what CodeTank Labs is all about!

– Andrew May
CEO, Co-Founder