Portability, ease, and function. These three qualities have made smartphones essential in our everyday lives. Many businesses have pivoted to embrace the power of smartphones and have built mobile sales apps for their brands accordingly. Curious about how a sales app could benefit your business? Here are a few reasons why a mobile sales app can be right for your business.            


Customers are always on their phones 

In 2019, American adults will spend an average of 3 hours and 43 minutes a day on mobile devices. Additionally, the majority of online traffic (52%) is through mobile devices. With all signs pointing to increased mobile usage, businesses should jump on now. Having a mobile app would put your business right where people spend the most time… on their phones. 


Streamline Manufacturing

If your company is like most, streamlining manufacturing can be a difficult task. A sales app can help bring your manufacturing back on track. Our friends at Allmand were looking to aggregate their product offering into a product suite to facilitate sales. Their sales team formerly had a customer-centric, informal approach, meaning that nearly all of their towable products were so highly-customizable that it unintentionally mirrored a made-to-order process. This led to expensive and complicated manufacturing operations–not to mention long lead-times for their products. 


To solve for this problem, we developed a sales tool with our partners Info-graphics, that narrowed the product line to a set of common base models and a defined selection of options and accessories. This helped their field sales team focus their product offering and streamline their sales process. As a result, the sales app eliminated complexity from their manufacturing processes and shortened lead-times. A transformation for sales AND the operations side of the business…plus a better experience for their customer base. 


Simplify the path to conversion for customer delight

If your company manufactures large products or a slew of products that are difficult to move, an app can make showcasing your product line simple. Users of the app can obtain information, specs, and details of your product right from the convenience of their office and on their own schedule. Added to this, a strong and clean ui is a great way to resonate with your clients. Pack it with great features that assist customers through the buying process, and they will be inclined to purchase more from your company. Your branded app can enhance the buyer’s experience, and subsequently increasing customer satisfaction. If your app is designed to be a self-guided path to conversion, there will be no shortage of ROI for the app. 


Enjoy the flywheel effect 

Customer satisfaction is huge when it comes to increasing revenue. When buyers are satisfied with their experience, they will be more likely to repurchase from your business and spread their experience. Loyal customers are worth on average 10 times as much as their first purchase, so keeping customers pleased is crucial. Creating a delightful buying experience and encouraging people to repurchase can provide huge boosts in revenue. An example of a company who found great success with a sales app is Domino’s. They had a 28% increase in pre-tax profits in the UK within the first 6 months. 

A mobile sales app can help take your business to the next level and give you an edge over your competitors. Want an app for your business? When planning to develop an app, you need the right group supporting you.


Written by Ethan Rosas & Lauren McNamara @ CodeTank Labs


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