Looking to grow your business?

A mobile app could be the one of the single most important ways to make your brand and business take a giant leap. Every thing today is about convenience and time saving. It’s to the point where customer’s are annoyed by even pulling up their browser and going to your website. They can’t wait for your website links to load. They want to quickly navigate the website without zooming or scrolling. Everything is about ease of use today. If a customer experiences more steps or any type of friction buying your product or service, they could move on to another company. You want as few number or clicks as possible, and you want an easy to way to get your customer’s attention. 

Sending a ping to your customer’s phone or your employees phone can greatly raise awareness. Every-time a product goes on sale or a new service becomes available, you can make a notification pop on your customer’s phone. This is a huge marketing tool for companies.

Internally, if you have an alert that employees need to know, don’t risk them not checking their email for a few hours, ping their phone and send a notification. They will see that much faster than an email.

Still iffy on making an app for your business? Keep reading and it will soon be a no brainer.

Another way mobile apps can help your business is by boosting your logo. When I think of facebook, the first picture that comes to mind isn’t my profile, it’s the facebook logo on the app on my phone. After all, I see that image over 100 times a day picking up my phone and going to ANYTHING ELSE on my phone.

Mobile Apps also improve the overall customer experience. Something that could get you a leg up on competitors that don’t have one. Customers can access your product on the fly, and quickly without going to your website.

An app also gives customer’s a way to contact you day or night, without necessarily going to your website, clicking contact us, and clicking on the phone number/email. Instead they have a quick button that is linked to your phone or email and they are asking their question with one click.

Generating more income is the name of the game for your business, and CodeTank’s mobile app development can help you maximize profit. We can make a mobile app with order fulfillment ability which can provide another revenue gateway besides your website or

actual storefront.

Your customers are want to be as productive as possible with their day, and no matter how good your customer service is, face to face transactions take longer than app purchases. Some customers actually have social anxiety, and just having a store front, could cut those people out of your customer base. 

In fact, a Sephora store has went as far as giving customers a choice in basket color to let them decide if they want interaction with store associates. Your business could be missing out on all of these customer’s by forcing them to come to your store front.

Mobile apps can also provide much needed business support internally. Associates can participate in training courses that can added to the internal portion of the mobile app. The associate will have the opportunity to visualize scenarios that are normally hard to produce in person. Quizzes and tests can uploaded onto the app, to make sure that employee is fully trained. This eliminates the cost of paying someone to administer the training.

The Cost?

Now the only question is, can my business afford the mobile app right? Since CodeTank is a company that is built on helping huge companies such as H&R Block down to small local businesses or start ups, the answer is yes! We sit down and get a plan together with you, based on what your company can afford. CodeTank Labs prides itself on providing high quality products that are scalable.


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